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    Climbers' CornerTree Academy

    Expert Express and Four O'Clock Forum: Legends of Arboriculture


    The “Legends of Arboriculture” Expert Express will offer participants a unique view about where the arboriculture industry has been, and where our panel sees it going over the coming decades. This special session will include practical, theoretical, international, and historical perspective-type discussions. This session is scheduled for Monday, August 4, from 3:30pm-5:00pm.

    During this Expert Express, industry leaders and notable presenters from the conference will have the opportunity to deliver a very brief (5-8 minute) description of their research or topic of interest, followed by a one-hour break out session (Four O'clock Forum) where participants have the opportunity to talk about the individual presenter’s topic in a small-group setting. After the initial brief presentations, the presenters will fan out, where participants will then be able to approach speakers with their similar interests and move around the room to hear conversations about the various topics. This small group component is scheduled to last one-hour.


    Don Blair began climbing trees for a living in 1971 with The M.F. Blair Tree Experts, his father's company, which was founded in Palo Alto, California, in 1922. Don took on the management of the company in 1975 and was active as a residential/commercial contractor and consulting arborist through 1988. 

    Don is the sole proprietor of the Sierra Moreno Mercantile Company, an arborist equipment, research and development firm.  For his company, Don has designed and developed products and techniques that are in use throughout the tree care profession. Don has also been widely sought as a classroom instructor and field trainer in such areas as rigging for removal, hazard tree evaluation, pruning, large-scale tree climbing, cabling and bracing, and aerial rescue.

    Francesco Ferrini - PhD - Full Professor of Arboriculture at the Department of Agri-Food and Environmental Sciences – University of Florence (Italy).  

    Research Interests:    

    • Effect of water stress on growth performance and physiology of urban trees  
    • S ustainable urban of forestry (using compost to enhance organic matter content in the soil and to improve tree growth performance  
    • Planning the green city in the global change era: urban tree functions and suitability for predicted future climates.         

    Francesco is a member of the ISA Board, Past-President of the Italian Society of Arboriculture – ISA Italian Chapter from February 2005 to February 2011, Senior Editor or Advances in Horticultural Sciences, Associate Editor of Arboriculture & Urban Forestry, m ember of the Editorial Board of Urban Forest & Urban Greening                  

    From 1990 he has published more than 200 scientific and technical papers  in international referred and nationwide journals. He has given more than 100 talks in several international and national congresses.  He cares the Facebook page “Arboriculture and Urban Forestry” and he is in the committee of the webmagazine    In 2010 he has been the recipient of L.C. Chadwick Award for Arboricultural Research Recipient

    Robert W. Miller is Emeritus Professor of Urban Forestry from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point (UWSP).  During his 29 years at UWSP he developed the curriculum and supporting courses for their Urban Forestry Program.  Miller has published numerous papers in professional and scientific journals and is the author of the book “Urban Forestry: Planning and Managing Urban Greenspaces.” Miller, Dr. Richard Hauer and Dr. Les Werner from UWSP recently completed a third edition of the book.  Miller holds a BS and MS in Forestry from West Virginia University and a PhD in Forestry from the University of Massachusetts.  Miller retired from the University in 2002 and currently resides in Oriental, NC.  Currently Miller is chair of the Oriental Tree Board, member of the North Carolina Urban Forest Council Board, member of the Science and Technology Committee for the Albemarle-Pamlico National Estuary Program, and a part time urban forestry and arboriculture consultant

    Gary Watson joined the Morton Arboretum in 1986 and is currently a Senior Research Scientist and Head of Research. His primary research interest is in understanding how to maintain a healthy balance between the crown and the root system of trees on difficult landscape sites.  Gary is also Editor-in-Chief or Arboriculture and Urban Forestry, organizer of The Landscape Below Ground Conferences and Editor of the Conference Proceedings, and author of The Practical Science of Planting Trees.

    Colin Bashford has worked tirelessly for ISA since he joined in 1992. He has 13 years of service with a near perfect attendance record to the ISA Board as the UK/I Chapter Board Director. For the past two years he has served as ISA President.

    Over the years, Colin has served on nine ISA committees including finance, search and organizational review. He is also an Honorary Life Member, Board Director, Past President and Executive Director of the UK/I Chapter of ISA, and Executive Committee Member, Chairman and Administrator of ISA (Europe) Ltd.

    With more than 40 years in the arboricultural profession, Colin was honored by Queen Elizabeth II in 1990 for his work with trees and was invested at Buckingham Palace as a Member of the British Empire.

    He has gained extensive tree experience with a large private/royal estate, municipal authorities at town and state levels, and with federal government. He has owned a leading UK arboricultural consultancy practice for the past 20 years with clients from the United Kingdom, Europe, Hong Kong and Lebanon.

    Colin’s roles and his work with ISA, the UK Arboricultural Association, the British Standards Institute, and as past Chair of Governors at Merrist Wood College have given him a strong, continuing interest in all tree matters. His interest in arboriculture is strengthened by his work as a Registered Arboricultural consultant, and as an accredited expert witness.

    Climbers' CornerTree Academy

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