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Educational Sessions

Arborist Safety

Introduction to the Safe use of Knuckleboom Cranes in Arboriculture
Monday, 10 August 2015
4:20 PM — 5:00 PM
Osceola Ballroom D
A, T, L, Bp
The author has 2 decades of experience with Knuckleboom cranes and has pioneered many techniques. These techniques can make pruning and removal much: faster, more safe, and more efficient. Especially when compared to more traditional techniques. In the last two years Knuckleboom use in arboriculture has taken off at an astounding rate. 2 years ago the author spoke at the Ohio chapter annual conference and it was the second most attended session (second to Dr. John Ball keynote speaker.) with attendees from: Canada, HI, NY, etc. Several stated that they solely attended to learn how Knuckleboom Cranes could help their businesses. Many of those in attendance bought knucklebooms soon after. Eric Davis owner of Tree Care Inc. of Dayton,Oh posted on that the author had made his operation more safe. The author would discuss several different for unique situations that may arise on worksites. The author would also provide a plethora of photos as well as answer countless questions enthusiastically.

Presenter Information

    • Michael Poor
      Certified Arborist, (owner/operator) at Michael Poor 

      Urbana, IL, United States