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Tree Academy Workshops

Tree Academy Workshops

How to Use Sonic and Electric Resistance Tomography in Arboricultural Consulting
Saturday, 08 August 2015
1:00 PM — 4:00 PM
Gaylord Palms®, Sarasota
A, M, Bp

Sonic tomography is an important diagnostic method for tree inspections.However, the tomogram is only as good as the operators knowledge about the correct usage of the instrument.This workshop gives detailed information about how to use the tomograph most accurately and efficiently.  The introduction of the workflow during sonic inspections will illustrate how to solve difficult measuring tasks. Important technical aspects such as correct placement of measuring points will be explained. 

Electric resistance tomography is a newer technology that can be used in combination with sonic scans in order to enhance the analysis of the tree. By discussing data from different parts of the world this workshop will be showing results and interpretations of tomographic measurements.  Defects in trees will affect the tree stability in wind. The talk will show surprising data of how trees with trunk and root defects, identified by tomography methods, tilt in natural winds.

The talk will also touch commercial ideas about how to include tomography technologies in daily consultancy work. In particular the long term perspective of using tomography for hazard tree inspections is explained: the repeatedly recording of tomograms will allow to draw timelines that show the development of defects over time. 

The talk will also show the results of a 2014 pilot study in which electric resistance tomography was successfully detecting ganoderma infection in palm trees in Florida.Suggestions for including tomograms into reports will be given. Participants will have the opportunity to operate instruments and PC software by themselves.

Presenter Information

    • Lothar Göcke
          Lothar Goecke is the principle design engineer for tree inspection instruments at argus electronic gmbh. He is a graduate electrical engineer from the technical University of Dresden, Germany. He has been developing tree inspection instruments since 1998 with the main topics beeing: sonic tomography, electric resistance tomography, tree pull test equipment and tree motion sensors. 

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