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Utility Arboriculture

Storm Response as a Continuous Process: Preserving the Value of Urban Forests by Integrating Lessons Learned into Improved Preparation, Planning and Mitigation
Monday, 10 August 2015
1:50 PM — 2:30 PM
Osceola Ballroom B
A, U, M, Bm

Storms have always taken a heavy toll on trees, and on infrastructure adjacent to failing trees, especially overhead utilities. Over the past several decades, much work has been done to quantify both the benefits provided by trees, and the costs associated with their failures.  Additionally, standards, best practices and credentialing programs have been developed to improve arboricultural practices in assessing tree risk, pruning, management during development, lightning protection and other aspects of tree care.  Considering the stakes, it is critical to systematically apply this body of knowledge into a comprehensive effort to reduce the threat from storms and to preserve the value of urban forests. By adding the principles of modern disaster management into urban forestry management, the impact of storms can be reduced and response and restoration efforts improved. 

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Presenter Information

    • Geoffrey Kempter
      Geoff Kempter is Manager of Technical Services for Asplundh. He is a member of the ANSI A300 Tree Care Standards Committee, and in the past has been a member of the ISA Board of Directors and the ISA Certification Board, where he served as Chair. His is currently co-authoring the Utility Arborist Study Guide for ISA, and is author of the ISA Utility Pruning BMP, and many more articles and papers. Geoff is an ISA TRAQ instructor, and a 1981 graduate of the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources.