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Frank Rinn

    In 1963, Frank was born in Lich, Germany. After school and having jobbed on the family’s carpentry business in Heuchelheim, Germany, he studied physics and philosophy at Giessen and Heidelberg University. In his physics master thesis (1986-88), Frank developed the method of needle resistance drilling for the purpose of tree-ring density analysis at the dendrochronology lab of Hohenheim University, Germany. Later he developed this method into a tool for tree and timber experts worldwide. In 1987, Frank was honoured as one of the best University students of the state (Baden-Württemberg/Germany). 1988, Frank started his own company, RINNTECH, for developing and applying equipment for dendrochronology, tree and timber inspection. Frank invented and developed different methods, machines, and computer programs for various purposes in dendrochronology, tree- and timber inspection: resistance drilling, tree-ring measuring and cross-dating, dynamic tree analysis, sonic tree tomography, sonic root detection, wood surface density analysis. He was granted several national and international patents, for example on high resolution and high-precision resistance drilling (1990) and sonic tomography (1999). For clearly labelling his inventions, Frank created, established and owns international trademarks, such as RESISTOGRAPH® and ARBOTOM®. For his inventions and developments, he received several renowned research and innovation awards (1989, 1992, 1997, 1998, 2004, 2012). Besides managing RINNTECH (manufacturing, selling, and training), Frank works as a court registered expert, inspecting trees and timber (structures). Frank gives lectures and training regularly in many different countries such as USA, Europe, South America, and Asia – not only for experts but furthermore at Universities. Already as a teenager, Frank started activities in voluntary organizations. Since 2001, he serves as voluntary Executive Director of ISA Germany, represented his chapter on several board meetings, joined the ISA Tree-Risk Panel of Experts and contributed to the corresponding BMP. In addition, he was a member of German ( and international standardization expert panels ( From 2011 to 2013 he served on the ISA Board of Directors (