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Art and Science Practical Rigging
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  • Art and Science Practical Rigging
CEUs are available for this product.

The Art and Science of Practical Rigging DVD and Workbook Set

By Peter Donzelli and Sharon Lilly

  • Item #: DVD1529
  • Member Price: $159.95(US Dollars)
  • Non-member Price: $199.95(US Dollars)
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For those who have already mastered basic climbing skills, aerial lift operation, and cutting techniques, The Art and Science of Practical Rigging DVD series and accompanying book provide advanced training in equipment and ropes, rigging knots, limb removal, rigging techniques and principles, and top removal. The DVD series is hosted by Ken Palmer and Rip Tompkins and consists of eight lessons as described below. The supplemental book, written by Sharon Lilly and the late Peter Donzelli, includes plenty of illustrations and a glossary of terms. A total of eight CEUs* toward ISA recertification may be earned by completing the tests in the book, sending them to ISA for grading, and receiving scores of 80% or greater on each.

(DVD: ©2001, eight sections, approx. 35 min. each; Book: ©2001, softcover, spiralbound, glossary, 172 pp.)

    Introduction to Techniques and Method - Tree and Site Inspection; Planning; Techniques for Removing Wood; Methods; Floating Anchor; Types of Cuts; The Science of Rigging (1.0 CEU*)

    Equipment and Ropes - Blocks and Pulleys; Connecting Links; Rope Tools; Friction Devices;Other Equipment; Design and Limitations of Equipment; Rope (1.0 CEU*)

    Rigging Knots - Parts of a Line; Knots (1.0 CEU*)

    Basic Limb Removal - Cut and Chuck; Rigging Point Above Piece to be Removed; Natural Crotch vs. False Crotch; Choice of Rope; Installing a Block for a Rigging Point; Knots Used to Tie off Wood; Butt-tying; Tip-tying; Adding a Tagline; The Role of Friction in Rigging; Installing a Port-a-Wrap III; Role of the Ground Worker; Balancing; Static vs. Dynamic Loading (1.0 CEU*)

    Advanced Limb Removal - Bend Ratio; Rope Angle at a Block; Rigging Point Above Piece to be Removed; Understanding the Concept and Effect of Moment; Rigging Mechanical Advantage; Rigging Point Below Piece to be Removed (1.0 CEU*)

    Compound Rigging Techniques - Load-transfer Line; Static Removal False Crotch; Spider Balancer; Speedline; Knotless Rigging System (1.0 CEU*)

    Understanding Forces in Rigging - Rigging Point Below Piece to be Removed; Basic Blocking Techniques; Notches, Hinges, and Back Cuts; Work Positioning Using an Aerial Lift; Blocks and Dynamic Loading; Rigging Forces; The Concept of Energy Conservation; Dynamometer Drop Tests; Minimizing Forces When Blocking
    (1.0 CEU*)

    Top Removal and Rigging Heavy Wood - Rigging Point Below Piece to Be Removed; Work Positioning for the Top and Trunk Removal; Potential Forces in Top-Removal Operations; Review of the Bore-Cut Technique; Butt-Hitching or Blocking; Marline Hitch vs. Half Hitch; Distance of Fall; Blocking with a Speedline; Review of Rigging Forces (1.0 CEU*)

Some computers are not set to autoplay DVDs. If the DVDs do not start automatically for you, please right click on your DVD icon and select “open with…”, choosing the application you use to play DVDs.

*These CEUs may be earned only once during the life of your certification. DVDs available while supplies last.

Additional workbooks may be purchased separately

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