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Careers in Arboriculture

Arboriculture is both an art and a science – combining physical skills and modern technology to utilize scientifically based methods to care for trees.

Those looking to get into the industry might be wondering where to start. Those already in the industry might be asking, “Where do I go next? What are my career options?”

This resource provides anyone with an interest in arboriculture with multiple career path options in flow-chart form. Possible careers are listed and linked to other areas one can move into. For example, if someone were interested in obtaining an entry-level groundworker position, the flow chart would show him or her which advancement opportunities are available. While there can be variations in each path, this chart offers the most typical progressions.

Click view the flowchart.

More information on the position can be obtained by clicking on the career title’s box. When chosen, the box links to another screen that provides a detailed job description, background needed to obtain the position, eligibility requirements, education/training needs, recommended or required certification and licenses, and the typical future career path. The new page also provides a photo of the profession and lists education and training materials for someone who holds the position.

Certification is an integral part of arboriculture, and this resource provides the user with information regarding the applicable certifications in the arboriculture profession. Information is provided concerning eligibility, test content, requirements, and test preparation resources.

If you are looking to start or continue a career in arboriculture, this resource provides an awareness of the field, a practical career outlook, and what education or experience you need to get where you want to be. If you are ready to enter the commercial/residential/utility tree care profession, check your local yellow pages for tree companies in your area. If you have never worked in the tree care industry and are looking to start your career in arboriculture here are a few things you should look for and questions you should ask employers:

  • Look for companies that are members of ISA or TCIA, and look for companies that employ Certified Arborists.
  • Ask employers to clearly define a career path for you. Who will train you? Ask to see a copy of their training program and how they document their employee training and job progression program. Who in the company is responsible for your career advancement?

If you wish to study arboriculture at the college level, check with universities or community colleges in your area to see what courses they offer in the subjects of urban forestry, landscape horticulture, plant pathology, or related subjects. Contact ISA (888-ISA-TREE) for a list of schools that are active in arboriculture education.

To search through a list of schools that are active in arboriculture education, please click here.

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