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Careers in Arboriculture

Arboriculture is both an art and a science, crafting research-based methods of professional tree care by combining physical skill with modern technology.

Those looking to get into the industry might be wondering where to start. Those already in the industry might be asking, "Where do I go next? What are my career options?"

Whether as an instructor, groundworker, speaker, or proponent of safe work practices, the number of possible career paths varies. This resource uses a flowchart to highlight the various ways someone might enter into or continue their academic or professional career in the arboriculture and urban forestry industry.

Career Paths in Arboriculture Flow Chart

View the Career Paths in Arboriculture flowchart to learn more about the types of positions available in the industry. Each position detailed in this flowchart links to a full job description, and accompanying information on job experience, training required, certifications likely needed, and academic experience. This resource will allow you to look at the "big picture" of working in professional tree care.

College and University Database

Higher learning is integral to advancing one's involvement in the tree care community. If you wish to study arboriculture at the college level, check with universities or community colleges in your area to see what courses they offer in the subjects of urban forestry, landscape horticulture, plant pathology, or related subjects. For more information, search ISA’s college and university database for institutions that are active in arboriculture education.

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