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Common Questions and Answers about Maintaining Your ISA Certification

What are the CEU requirements to be eligible to recertify?

In order to recertify every three (3) years, you must obtain the required amount of CEUs and pay a recertification fee. The number of CEUs required depends upon the credential you hold. You can check the application handbook to see the CEU requirements for each credential. Please note: If you fail to pay the recertification fee before your certification lapses, you will be required to re-test to recertify.

Will I be notified that my certification is coming up for expiration?

The Certification Department will send you a CEU postcard six (6) months prior to your certification expiration date but only if you are lacking CEUs. This notice is only a reminder that you need to submit the remainder of your CEUs to be eligible for recertification. Be advised that CEU processing takes 4-6 weeks once your information reaches the ISA Headquarters office so it is to your advantage to send your CEU information as it is earned rather than waiting until the end of your certification period.

If you do not receive a CEU postcard, it either means you have enough CEUs to recertify and your notice will come to you in the form of an invoice (one month prior to your expiration date), or that you need to update your mailing address with the Certification Department. If you have a change in your mailing address, it is your responsibility to contact us and let us know. You have worked hard to earn your credential and it is your responsibility to maintain it. Do not lose your certification due to a change in address.

Why are continuing education units (CEUs) required?

The strength of the ISA Certification Program is in the continuing education component. As with any type of professional certification, there must be a way to measure continued competence. One option is to retest and the other option is to require continuing education. The ISA Credentialing Council allows either option.

How do I obtain CEUs?

Continuing education units (CEUs) are part of the requirement for recertification every three (3) years. You can earn CEUs several ways, including: attending conference/seminars/workshops held by your local ISA Chapter or Affiliate Organization; writing and publishing articles that are directly related to Arboriculture; purchasing ISA publications and taking at-home study quizzes, or utilizing the many online quiz opportunities to earn CEUs.

Can I obtain CEUs online?

If you choose to utilize quizzes associated with ISA publications, you will send your completed quiz answer sheet to ISA for grading. You must score an 80% or higher to pass the quiz and earn the CEUs associated with that publication. If you pass, the CEUs are then applied to your account. In the event you do not obtain an 80% or higher, you will be mailed a retake form so that you can try the quiz again. You can continue to retake the quiz until a passing score is achieved.

When taking online quizzes associated with podcasts, Arborists News, Arboriculture & Urban Forestry, or online courses, you receive pass/fail notification immediately upon submission and CEUs appear on your account within two business days. If you fail the quiz, you may retake the quiz as often as needed until you pass. To view options for online quizzes visit the ISA web store. Note: ISA members have access to free online Arborists News and Arboriculture & Urban Forestry quizzes.

I just sent in my CEUs. Can you tell me how long it takes to process them?

Once received in the ISA headquarters office, CEU processing takes 4-6 weeks to be posted to your account. Once the CEUs are processed you can view them in your current CEU report online.

After I get all my required CEUs, am I then recertified for the next three (3) year period?

No, in order to complete the recertification process you must pay a recertification fee. You can check the application handbook to see the recertification fees for each credential as they apply to you.

How can I keep track of my CEU totals?

Your current CEU report is viewable on the ISA website at anytime. If you have trouble logging in, you may retrieve your password online. If you continue to have trouble logging in, contact our office at

CEUs are recompiled daily at 12am (midnight) Central Standard Time. If you check your CEUs during this time you may see a false or zero (0) total. Don't be alarmed. Check back within a few minutes and your report should be back up and ready for viewing. Also, please know that CEU processing takes 4-6 weeks once we receive your information or sign in sheets in our office. Thank you for your patience.

How do I get a seminar pre-approved for ISA CEUs?

If you are hosting an event or your company is having a meeting that you would like to get pre-approved for ISA CEUs, please contact your local ISA Certification Liaison. The Liaison will need a detailed outline or agenda for the meeting, and a completed ISA Pre-Approval Form in order to process your request.

How do I get CEUs for an event that was not pre-approved?

To receive credit for an event that was not pre-approved for ISA CEUs, you must follow the Post-Approval process, which includes submitting the completed Post-Approval form, as well as a detailed outline or agenda of the educational event, and proof of attendance at the event.

My ISA certification has expired and I have become decertified. What can I do now?

In order to regain your ISA credential you will need to retake the appropriate exam. To ensure that you regain your previously assigned ISA Certification number there is a section on the exam application for you to list your former certification ID number.

Until you have successfully passed the exam, you should refrain from advertising yourself as ISA Certified as to not mislead the public and violate federal trademark law.

Do any additional CEUs I earn over the required amount roll-over to my next certification period?

No, the ISA Credentialing Council is interested in you earning your CEUs in the specific three (3) year time frame of your certification. Once you have recertified and paid your recertification fee, all CEUs from your past certification period become part of your CEU History Report. Your CEU total will drop back to zero (0) and you will need to start accumulating the required CEUs in this new three (3) year time frame.

Now that I am certified I would like to advertise my certification, how do I obtain the logo and what do I need to know in order to follow the branding requirements?

Once you have passed the exam you will receive your certificate and wallet card in the mail, a decal for your hard hat and a patch for your clothing will also be included. All of these items can be used to advertise your certification in your everyday work environment. Expand your advertising opportunities by using your certification logo on business cards, advertisements, websites or letterhead. The ISA Style Guide LTE will walk you through a short tutorial on the proper usage of logos and word marks and will allow you to quickly download your electronic logos. Visit today to get started!

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